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R.M. INTERNATIONAL, Tractor Attachments, d.o.o. is a reliable provider of tractor trailers

Our company is well known for it long tradition that we have taken over from the company RIKO. We can boast of a good team that has a lot of expertise, enthusiasm for work and the ability to acquire new knowledge. We specialize in the forestry program. All the products we launch on the market are the fruit of our knowledge and our own production (from idea to product).

We produce:

  • tractor loaders with attachments,

  • forestry equipment (Forest blade, cranes, pliers, trailers, log grips),

  • polyps-grapplers,

  • composts turners,

  • and front and rear loaders with a variety of attachments, Tools, Accessories,

  • and elevators of tractor trailers and lifts.

Do you work in forestry, and would you need tractor machinery, machines, various tools / accessories for your own needs, or are you a company that offers such services? It doesn't matter, because we have the right team for you, which understands the needs of this field well and knows how to adjust to customers.

Stylish, functionally efficient and green-oriented agricultural and forestry connections that are unmatched!

You get all this by buying our forestry equipment. We want our products to be safe and easy to use and powerful. We use quality materials that we know and trust, professional machines, apparatus and other accessories, and expertise backed by many years of experience.

Why choose R.M. INTERNATIONAL, d.o.o.?

  • Good materials,

  • own ideas

  • innovation,

  • improvisation,

  • professionalism,

  • correctness,

  • financially competitive products,

  • reliable workmanship.

But not only in forestry, our machines and accessories are also suitable for work on farms, horticulture, nurseries, in municipal maintenance and even construction. They are indispensable tools and machines for work in many areas, which they perform reliably and with quality. This is one of the many reasons why our products are so sought after and popular with more and more users. Want to join them?