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Mountain bike Guides Koroska, A-Max d.o.o.

Are you a cycling enthusiast who loves exploring nature on two wheels? Enjoy an active and exciting cycling experience in the nature of Slovenia. A-MAX d.o.o.'s mountain bike guides in Koroska offer unforgettable bike tours that will provide memories you'll be talking about for years to come.

With the popularity of cycling as a pastime increasing, so do the requests for high quality guided biking tours. And that is something they  know how to do very well.

Bike Guides Koroska

Wood paths, walkways and a constantly increasing number of cycling paths weave an intricate net over the hills and plains of the Koroska region. That helps our mountain bike guides to take you on a journey over differrent types of terrain, through narrow or wide, rocky or  smooth roads that will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

Our mountain bike guides in Koroska will take you to see every hidden gem, nook and cranny, and every crevice this beautiful region has to show. The experienced mountain bike guides know Koroska very well, and will not only provide an unforgettable tour and activity, but will also excite you with interesting and fun facts about the colourful surroundings.

What type of bike tours with our bike guides in Koroska do we offer?

  • Beginners' trails,

  • Family bike paths and tours,

  • Panoramic tours,

  • Mountain bike guides,

  • bike tours for highly-skilled and professional cyclists.

And for everyone who is looking for that real adrenaline rush, our mountain bike guides in Koroska will take you on an underground bike tour under the mountain Pece.

We also provide various experience packages that you can find on our website. In them we combine cycling tours and experiences with other activities, such as zipline, a tour of the cave, a hike on the mountain, and others.

Enjoy biking tours with our mountain bike guides in Koroska for the whole weekend or longer

If you decide to prolong your stay, we offer you an affordable and pleasant accommodation.

All cycling enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy their stay at our cycling hotel in Mežica. We are known as one of the best family-friendly cycling hotels, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery,breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a good night's sleep and quality rest after an exciting day of cycling with our mountain bike guides through Koroska (and your pets are welcome, too!).

We offer four double rooms and two four-bed rooms, each with its own bathroom and toilet. There is also a communal kitchen, where we serve a nutritious breakfast from produce from the local farms.

The cozy B&B provides a homey feeling and is located just a stone's throw from all the important infrastructure such as the supermarket, a pizzeria, restaurants, and a local bar.

And what would a cycling hotel (or B&B) be, if it didn't offer perks for the bike enthusiasts? Next to the accommodation you will find a bike shop where you can get your bike checked, repaired, and, of course, washed.

Our mountain bike guides in koroska are waiting for you!

Our entire team is experienced and appropriately certified and licensed. All of our mountain bike guides in Koroska have an MTB license, which means that you will be in very safe and capable hands on every one of your tours.

Additional offers that will help you have a wonderful and care-free experience:

  • you can rent e-bikes,

  • we offer shuttles to take you to the start of your trail and pick you up after the bike tour,

  • we offer full-day-guided-tours that last anywhere from 5 to 7 hours, or half-day tours, which can last up to 4 hours – depending on the type of tour and the agreement with our mountain bike guides,

  • Koroska offers many family-friendly bike paths and hiking trails,

  • in the winter you can explore the surrounding ski slopes, we also offer cross-country skiing lessons.

Regardless whether you are a big cycling buff, love to push yourself and experience the rush of adrenaline that new and steep biking trails bring, or you are a person who enjoys the panoramic tours, likes to see nature from a different perspective and is looking to spend a few active days off with your family, we have just the thing for you.

Our mountain bike guides in Koroska will make sure that you experience every exciting and beautiful part of our region and that your biking tour is safe and fun. We are happy to answer any remaining questions or provide more information – contact us via the above listed information, or visit our website to learn more.

We are very excited to be seeing you on your next biking-expedition!